Sunflower Bakery

Kashrut & Dietary Information

Are you kosher?

Yes.  We are kosher pareve under the Va’ad Ha Rabanim of Greater Washington.

Are you Pas Yisroel?



Are your products made with kemach yoshon?

All of the wheat flour used in our products is kemach yoshon according to the standards specified in Rabbi Y. Herman’s Guide to Chodosh, which is the universally accepted authoritative guide to yoshon observance outside of Israel. This has been verified by Rabbi Joshua Maroof of Magen David Sephardic Congregation in Rockville, MD.  However, products containing oats may not be yoshon from September through April. Please inquire for more details.



The Sunflower Bakery is committed to providing wholesome, high-quality, non-dairy pastry and baked goods. Sunflower Bakery is certified kosher pareve under the supervision of the Rabbinical Council of Greater Washington. By taking pride and care in what we do and using only premium kosher, non-dairy ingredients, we can promise a delicious product that is made for the community, by the community.

Our facility is peanut-free, although other tree nuts such as pecans and almonds are used. Equipment is thoroughly and mindfully cleaned after each preparation of nut or chocolate recipes. We offer several vegan products (See product list.). On special request, we can make our products Pas Yisroel. All products are listed in tea-size portions. When determining quantities to order, consider, three items per person (e.g. one brownie and two sunflower cookies) for your event. Larger-sized portions are available upon request.