Sunflower Bakery and Cafe Sunflower will be closed April 5th-13th for Passover.

Meet Stanley, an employee in our Cafe Sunflower Employment Training Program

Meet Stanley, an employee in our Cafe Sunflower Employment Training Program

Hi, my name is Stanley. I began working at Cafe Sunflower about two months ago. I really enjoy variety in my work and free time. Working at Cafe Sunflower has given me the chance to build on skills to serve customers lunches, drinks and pastry products, and keep the Cafe looking great. Behind the scenes I’ve weighed pastries to put them in boxes, wrap them and more.

Some of my interests are solving rubik’s cubes of all shapes and sizes for fun and at competitions, singing all types of music, drawing with different mediums and creating patterns. I usually read online and in books about futuristic science fiction inventions, world records as well as learning about human Psychology, Philosophy and will learn about any topic that piques my interest. Growing up, I have played all types of sports such as Basketball, Ice hockey, fencing, cross country running, lifting weights and more. Currently for exercise I have been bowling, doing zumba, and yoga as well as walking and running. I am working on joining special Olympics because I love competition in the many different disciplines that they offer.

I have studied video game design and business in college and would like to work at the intersection of the two disciplines to market goods and services as well as doing some hands on work like I have done at Cafe Sunflower. I thank Cafe Sunflower as well as my family for being able to have structure in my day, learn new skills and interact with all types of people.

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