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Meet Gary, a student in our hospitality training program

Meet Gary, a student in our hospitality training program

By Joey Nowicki

What type of job skills do you want to learn in our Hospitality Program?

Gary: Customers services- making a good relationship with customers. Developing a healthy relationship- making them laugh or offering them good products, counting payments like counting money and change and food safety.

What is your favorite thing about the Hospitality Program?

Gary: The Kitchen. We get to scoop cookie dough and watch bakers bake cakes and pies. I like to watch how it is professionally made.

What do you find most challenging about our hospitality program?

Gary: Learning tasks such as wrapping, making sure that the wrap is even on both sides, and completely sealed.

Name one thing people should know about you and your learning differences?

Gary: I am a visual learner, and I take time to memorize each and every step.

What is one thing your employer should understand about your learning differences?

Gary: I may need to be shown 2-3 times to memorize the steps, but once I start doing it on a daily basis I’ll be all set.

Name one thing that surprised you about the Hospitality Program.

Gary: How hard it is to keep up a stable work environment. Checking on everything to make sure it is in order.

Why should students come to Sunflower?

Gary: It’s a really positive vibe! The instructors give you a lot of good info, so that you can maintain a job in the food industry.

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