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Meet Ethan: A Pastry Arts Graduate

Meet Ethan: A Pastry Arts Graduate

What made you want to do the Pastry Arts Employment training Program?

I wanted to learn more about baking. I have always enjoyed baking and learning how to make cookies, cake, and pies and make them look like beautiful works of art.

Before enrolling in Sunflower did you have any work experience?

At Damascus High School I was a TA for the Restaurant Management Class. Before Sunflower I thought about being an ASL translator or a scientist.

How do you feel that Sunflower helped you become a better baker?

It taught me new methods and recipes. I enjoyed working there, and they showed me how to properly work in a bakery and with co-workers.

What was the best part about working with Sunflower?

Being able to bake cakes and help around the kitchen, learning new things, and building recipes.

Now that you have graduated from Sunflower, how are you prepared to get a job?

I now have knowledge of how the kitchen environment is, I was taught about interviewing and resumes.

After you finished the program, what job did you get? And how excited are you?

I am a Morning Baker at Woodmont Country Club, I am way too damn excited.

What do you think you are going to be doing at your new job?

Helping out around the kitchen making cakes, cookies, pie and muffins, and also learning about culinary and helping the chef with prep.

And now a question for Ethan’s mom: what are your thoughts about Sunflower?

I think this was the perfect fit for Ethan after high school. He had a passion for cooking and got to pursue it through Sunflower which was a direct path to an amazing job that will help him pursue it through the rest of his life. And we are eternally grateful.

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