Your Business Benefits

Your Business will Benefit from Inclusive Hiring

Higher Productivity. Employees with learning differences typically exhibit high employer loyalty and low turnover.

Expanded Talent Pool. Individuals with learning differences are an underused pool of talented, skilled, and qualified applicants.

Positive Public Relations and Increased Market Share. Inclusive hiring has a positive impact on a company’s image and can influence purchasing decisions.

Diversity and Morale. Employees report a higher degree of workplace satisfaction when working in integrated teams. Your decision to be an inclusive employer will help your business to reap the benefits of greater customer and employee satisfaction.

What is an Inclusive Workplace?

A workplace that successfully integrates everyone.

Whether there are language differences, racial or ethnic differences, differences in sexual orientation, differences in ability or learning styles, all employees are made to feel equal and valuable.

Inclusion is a call to action within the workforce to treat every employee with courtesy, dignity and respect and to value each employee.

97% of employers who had hired an individual with a disability in the past would do so again.

86% of the public would prefer to give their business to companies that hire people with learning differences or disabilities.

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