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Success Stories

Our students’ success is demonstrated by the wonderful feedback from employers, graduates and their families.

“I would like to open a bakery or restaurant, I give it to them and have them run it.”

Gopi Swaminath, owner of Hot Breads & Cakes, Gaithersburg, MD, is so impressed by the interns coming to work from Sunflower that he has taken six interns and hired three employees after the internships were over.

Gopi Swaminath, owner of Hot Breads & Cakes, Gaithersburg, MD

“It’s given me self-esteem, self-worth and really taught me I can do something if I put my mind to it.”

Steven, after 3 years employed at Stella’s Bakery

“Steven has made tremendous progress. He’s very comfortable in the kitchen. He moves from one thing to the other comfortably. He’s excellent.”

Stella Cawley Kouros, owner of Stella’s Bakery, Rockville, MD

“You get a job and work experience, and that’s good because it is hard to find a job.”

Adam, Bakery Assistant, Stella’s Bakery

“Out of the house (or the basement) and into the world–what a relief! It’s not just a job, it’s a career!”

Adam’s Mom

Adam at Stella's

“Sunflower Bakery was the best opportunity for me. The skills I learned there benefited me and allowed me to get the job I have now.”

Shaun, Bakery Assistant at Clyde’s of Tower Oaks

“The Sunflower Bakery program taught him bakery skills, general employment skills, and did a great job of matching him to the internship that is part of the program. He was hired in June of 2015 by the company where he did that internship and has since increased his hours of work there.”

Shaun’s Mom

“I learned how to make more than six different kinds of cookies, using a 20-qt and a 60-qt. mixer. Everyone at the Bakery really cared about me, especially helping me to learn to speak up for myself and to be heard. Learning recipes was very hard for me. The chefs showed me over and over until I understood and could do it myself. After finishing the classes, I was a baking intern at Clyde’s in Chevy Chase.  And Sunflower paid me for my internship.”

Olivia, Bakery Assistant, Founding Farmers Restaurant.