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Our Mission

Sunflower Bakery and Café Sunflower are dedicated to providing skilled job training and employment for adults 18+ with learning differences in pastry arts, production baking, barista service and front of house operations.

Our Values

Sunflower Bakery is an inclusive workforce-training organization guided by Jewish values and engaged in community building that:

  • Fills a need for productivity and employment in the community of individuals with learning differences by offering skill development and inclusive, real-life training opportunities;
  • Enhances independence, self-esteem, and self-determination;
  • Focuses on maximizing people’s strengths and minimizing their weaknesses
  • Fills a need for high quality, non-dairy baked goods in the community; and
  • Emphasizes customer service.

Our Vision

An inclusive society where all persons, regardless of their differences, have opportunities to lead productive lives.

Sunflower Bakery is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

Our Strategic Direction

Sunflower Bakery is building upon its solid foundation and strong track record providing workforce development training to young adults with learning differences by reaching more students through increasing enrollment in current programs and expanding training options.

Under three priorities, Sunflower will:

  • Further strengthen the organization’s core through operational efficiency and excellence in administration;
  • Maximize our impact “where we are” by growing in place at our Halpine Road and Executive Boulevard locations; and
  • Grow and diversify programs to better serve our students and their employers.

From FY 23 to FY 25, Sunflower Bakery will increase the number of students enrolled in our workforce development programs by 50% and support our graduates in finding competitive employment in the communities where they live.