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Job Services

Job Services

Sunflower has a menu of employment service offerings for students and graduates. These job service options include: job development prep, job development, and job coaching. These services are exclusively available to Sunflower students as they transition to employment to set our graduates up for success.

Student at a workplace rolling tortillas

Student in class

Student at workplace bakery case

Hospitality instructor teaching job skills class

Icon of pen writing on paperJob Development Preparation: The first step towards gaining employment

  • Resume-building
  • Creating a cover letter
  • Interview preparation
  • Mock interviews with industry professionals
  • Creating an Individualized Employment Plan (IEP)

Job Development: The second step finding the right opportunity

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    Employment search

  • Application completion and interview guidance
  • Interfacing, as needed, with employer’s to help ensure successful employment
  • Assistance with on-site and off-site job on-boarding and training
  • Accompany graduates to interviews. Sunflower’s job developer works closely with graduates. Graduates are also encouraged to develop their own job leads. We accompany graduates to interviews as needed and serve as a resource for graduates and employers during the application and interview process.
  • Continue to guide graduates through the job search, as needed. We are committed to remaining engaged through job acquisition. Sunflower’s ongoing involvement helps to ensure that prospective employers are knowledgeable about the skills and abilities of our graduates.

Job Coaching: The third step to sustained employment

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    Job support includes collaboration with the on-site supervisor and communication with the Sunflower graduate, as needed.

  • Accompany new employee to work and assist with required tasks per Individualized Employment Plan (IEP)
  • Help navigate relationship between the employee and employer
  • Faded coaching and continued checks ins with employer and graduate through the first three months of employment. This engagement is very helpful for the long-term success of our graduates.

Ongoing Monitoring: The fourth step to improving training and support

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    Continued check-in with employee and employer for the first 3 months of employment

  • Bi-weekly check in with the employee and employer for the following 9 months
  • After the first year, quarterly check in for years two and three.