Our Team

Sunflower Bakery

James Burke

James Burke, Kitchen Assistant

James is a friendly and dedicated member of the Sunflower team who performs a wide-range of support tasks. James is responsible and helpful to everyone.

Stevie Franks

Stevie Franks, Kitchen Assistant

Stevie is an engaging and essential member of the Sunflower team, always willing to help out. He is dependable and performs several support tasks.

Adrienne Hazard

Adrienne Hazard, Head Pastry Chef

Chef Adrienne joined Sunflower in August 2014 and is responsible for all bakery production. Her talent, dedication and passion for pastry arts are evident through her work. She is a valued mentor and supervisor for our student interns and other staff members. Contact Adrienne at adrienne@sunflowerbakery.org.

Liz Hutter

Liz Hutter, Employment Services Director

Chef Liz, our former executive pastry chef, created all aspects of our production operations. Under Liz’s leadership, our innovative pastry arts employment-training program was developed and implemented. In summer 2016, Liz assumed her current role furthering our outreach and employer relationships as well preparing and supporting students through employment. Contact Liz at liz@sunflowerbakery.org.

Ja'nece McLean

Ja’Nece McLean, Instructor and Assistant Pastry Chef  

Jah works with our students during the instructional, curriculum-based segment of our pastry training program and also supports production as a pastry chef. Having worked in diverse kitchen environments, her warm disposition helps to guide our students as they begin the program.

Marion Pitcher, Pastry Arts Director

Chef Marion brings more than 20 years of experience as a pastry chef in the DC area to her position directing the pastry arts component of our training program.  Her calm and supportive demeanor and knowledge of the field help us to continue to enhance and innovate learning in our bakery. Contact Marion at marion@sunflowerbakery.org.

Sara Portman Milner

Sara Portman Milner, LCSW-C, Co-founder and Director of Student Services

Sara works collaboratively with our staff to develop and implement our innovative bakery and café employment training programs at Sunflower Bakery and Cafe Sunflower. In addition, she shepherds students and their families from initial inquiry throughout the training program. Sara has 45+ years of experience in the disability field. Contact Sara at sara@sunflowerbakery.org.

Lisa Silverman

Lisa Silverman, Operations Manager

Lisa manages customer relations, sales, inventory, purchasing, and marketing. Using her talents with customer service, she ensures that Sunflower is responsive to our customers in a timely fashion. Lisa is dedicated to growing Sunflower’s outreach throughout Metro DC. Contact Lisa at lisa@sunflowerbakery.org.

Cindy Tepper

Cindy Tepper, Bookkeeper

Cindy has been working with Sunflower since 2010. She has developed and implemented many of the financial processes and management tools critical to our operation. Cindy is passionate about the work of Sunflower Bakery and dedicated to establishing a strong and sustainable financial structure.

Laurie Wexler

Laurie Wexler, Co-founder and Executive Director

Laurie is responsible for organizational development, administration, fundraising and Board governance. She works collaboratively with staff to develop program direction. Laurie has more than 30 years of experience in non-profit program delivery and management. Contact Laurie at laurie@sunflowerbakery.org.

Café Sunflower

Jason Ceja

Jason Ceja’s enthusiasm for helping our customers is obvious from the minute he greets them as they enter the door.

Feivel Cohen

Feivel Cohen has worked at Café Sunflower since its very beginning. He is an interesting conversationalist who engages with customers, as he provides excellent customer service.

Brian Jang’s excellent work ethic, diversity of skills and big, welcoming smile make him a real asset to Café Sunflower.

Stuart Morrison

Stuart Morrison uses his expertise in taking orders, accepting payments and giving change to help transactions go smoothly for our busy customers.

Douglas Olinger

Douglas Olinger completed the full Pastry Arts Employment Training at Sunflower Bakery. As a result of his internship at the Café, he joined the staff there to expand his skills working with customers.

Jake Klingman

Our newest staff member, Jake Klingman is the first participant in our Café Employment Training Program and is readily learning many aspects of front-of-house operations. Jake especially enjoys working the Point of Sale system.

Eva Cohen

Eva Cowen continues to advise the development and implementation of our Café Employment Training Program. She works closely with new trainees and staff to help ensure the effectiveness of this workforce program.

Joey Nowicki

Joey Nowicki became our Café Manager in December 2016 with seven years of front-of-house operations and managerial experience. We are excited for our staff members to learn from and work with such a knowledgeable professional. Joey has a great interest in developing our staff members’ marketable and transferable skills and abilities to help ensure their success in the workplace.