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Pastry Arts Training

Sunflower Pastry Arts Workforce Development Program

Our Pastry Arts Program offers skilled, on-the-job training in our training and production kitchens under the direction of professional pastry chefs and instructors.

Phase 1

Formal Instruction

Sunflower’s customized, 13-week Pastry Arts Training curriculum focuses on techniques and methods as well as measurement, ingredients, and equipment use in a professional kitchen. Methods include creaming, muffin, two-stage, foaming and reverse creaming. Students learn to make a variety of pastries including cookies, bars, muffins, quick breads, cakes and specialty desserts, as well as yeast breads.

Certification Training

ServSafe Certification Training, a national certification program that provides food safety and sanitation training to industry employees. All students earn the Food Handler’s certification. Some students also prepare for the Food Services Manager exam. This certification is a valuable credential when seeking a job.

Phase 2


Students experience three months of hands-on production in our production kitchen. Students work closely with chefs and bakery staff to perfect skills, learn to make larger recipe batches, and become adept at following production guidelines and schedules. Students work toward becoming part of the production team under the supervision and tutelage of the chef-instructors during the production of Sunflower’s pastries and baked goods.

Employee Development Training (EDT)

All students receive a full range of “soft” skills using our interactive curriculum, geared toward being a successful employee. Topics include goal setting, cleanliness and sanitation techniques, time management, personal responsibility, problem solving, efficiency, self-advocacy, and effective communication.

Students engage in guided exploration of job searching for employment, resume-writing, interviewing, how to look for a job, developing a personal portfolio and composition of a personal statement.

Students receive monthly written evaluations to help track progress and understand areas needing improvement. As program completion nears, final reviews include individualized recommendations for types of employment to pursue including small/large bakeries, caterers, restaurants, supermarkets, cafeterias or other areas of the food service industry.

Chef and student rolling tart shells

Student working on challah

Student rolling rugelach with chef observing

Chef instructs student as he pours cake batter into sheet pan

Throughout our Pastry Arts Program

Designated Support Person

Students must have such a support person (e.g. social worker, service provider, other appropriate adult or family member) who will provide support during training and throughout the employment search process.

Job Preparation

Working with our job coaching professionals, students will begin the process of searching for employment. They will learn resume and cover letter writing, practice interviewing skills, and our coaches will accompany them to interviews if necessary. We ensure that our students are able to convey to possible employers that they have developed industry-specific employment skills, appropriate work behaviors, attitudes, and values applicable for employment to a variety of food service fields and jobs. These highly transferable skills include closely following verbal and visual directions, precision and accuracy, efficiency, and problem-solving.


To apply to Sunflower Bakery Employment Training Programs, download, fill out, and submit our PDF application by physical mail or email

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Is Pastry Arts for me?

Be prepared to:

  • Work in a fast-paced kitchen in close proximity to other students and chefs
  • Share space and work calmly and cooperatively with peers
  • Learn in a multi-sensory environment requiring hands-on work with doughs and ingredients
  • Stand for four hours at a time, bend, lift, and move heavy items such as 30-50 pound bags of flour and large heavy trays
  • Routinely use objects found in the kitchen, like chefs’ knives and zesters, in a safe manner