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Hospitality Employment Training

Hospitality Employment Training Program

Sunflower’s Hospitality Employment Training Program offers a hybrid approach at learning. Students will split time between traditional classroom learning, and on the job training in our bakery under the instruction and supervision of our hospitality experts.

Job Preparation

We help develop good work skills, appropriate work behaviors, attitudes, and values. The industry-specific skills our students learn are applicable to a wide variety of fields and jobs. These highly transferable skills include closely following verbal and visual directions, precision and accuracy, efficiency, and problem-solving.

Program Overview

  • Phase 1 Formal Instruction / On-the-job training – 18 weeks
  • Phase 2 Paid Internship – 8 weeks
  • Phase 3 Securing & Supporting employment 

Phase 1

Formal Instruction

Formal Instruction – Our student will learn in a classroom setting using a variety of exercises, worksheets, role-playing, and lessons. Led by our hospitality expert students will learn skills including communication (verbal and non-verbal), food safety, professionalism.

ServSafe Certification Training

ServSafe Certification Training a national certification program that provides food safety training to industry employees. All students receive the Food Handler’s certification. Some students also prepare for the Food Services Manager exam. This certification is a valuable credential when seeking a job.

On-the-Job Training

On-the-Job Training- Students will be spending 45 hours in the bakery working side by side with our chefs. Under the direction of our hospitality instructors, students will also learn how to take inventory, sell, create bakery displays, and handle cash and credit transactions.

Employee Development Training

Employee Development Training (EDT) – all students receive a full range of “soft” skills using our interactive curriculum, geared toward being a successful employee. Topics include goal setting, hygiene, time management, personal responsibility, problem solving, efficiency and effective communication.

Phase 2


Allows students to be part of the Sunflower Bakery sales and marketing team. During the internship they will be responsible for running the bakeshop at our Bakery. Students will take daily inventory, manage customer relationships, and be responsible for sales. Our students will be paid minimum wage, for up to 15 hrs a week while completing this internship.

Job Search

Employee Development Training (EDT) includes resume-building, interviewing, and navigating the job search. We work hard to create and maintain strong relationships with area food businesses in order to direct students to job opportunities that will be a good match. Students are also encouraged to develop their own job leads. We accompany students to interviews as needed and serve as a resource for the student and employers during the application and interview process.

Phase 3

Employment Search & Monitoring

Sunflower continues to guide students through the job search, as needed, and remains engaged in the process of job search and acquisition even after program completion. Our ongoing engagement helps ensure that prospective employers are knowledgeable about the skills and abilities of our graduates. During the first week of employment, Sunflower’s job support includes collaboration with the on-site supervisor and on-going communication with our graduate to provide direct support as needed. We continue job support through the first three months of employment which is helpful for the long-term success of our graduates.

To apply to Sunflower Bakery Employment Training Programs, fill out and submit our PDF application:

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