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Purim, celebrated this year on Saturday evening, March 23th, through Sunday, March 24th, is one of the most fun-filled action packed holidays of the Jewish Year. Purim celebrates the survival of the Jewish community against an ancient Persian Empire plot to annihilate it. One way to celebrate is by eating hamantaschen, reminiscent of Haman’s 3-cornered hat.

Although Jews began marking the date in the first century, it grew into a popular holiday during the Middle Ages. Today, it is celebrated with food, dancing, festivals and costumes.

How We Celebrate

There are 4 special Mitzvot we do to help celebrate the Purim holiday:

Hear the Megillah – You are encouraged to go to synagogue and hear the whole Megillah or “Book of Esther,” which tells the Purim story. When Haman’s name is mentioned, you should make noise or stomp your feet to blot out his name.

Give to the Needy – One of Purim’s primary themes is Jewish unity, so during this holiday, we take time to help those in need, by giving money or food to those less fortunate.

Send Food Gifts to Friends (Mishloach Manot) – On Purim, we celebrate by sending gifts of food to one another, even strangers. Sunflower Bakery offers deliciously filled gift food bags to deliver to your friends and others.

Feast –Eat hamantaschen! Gather with friends and family and enjoy a wonderful Purim seudah or feast to celebrate the holiday. Don’t forget to bring a beautiful Sunflower Purim platter as a host/hostess gift if invited out!


$14/doz. (approximately 1 lb), $7.50/half doz.
Almond, Apricot (NF), Chocolate (NF), Raspberry (NF), Prune (NF), Poppy.

Specialty Flavors 
$19/doz., $10/half doz.

Triple Chocolate (NF)
Chocolate pastry, fudge brownie filling, dark chocolate drizzle.

Cookie Dough (NF)
Chocolate pastry with a chocolate chip cookie dough center, dark chocolate drizzle.

Coco Caramel
Traditional pastry filled with chewy caramel coconut, dark chocolate drizzle.

Strawberry Funfetti (NF)
Traditional pastry filled with strawberry jam, decorated with icing and sprinkles.

Dipped in Callebaut semi-sweet chocolate.
Flavors include: Almond, Apricot (NF), Chocolate (NF), Raspberry (NF).

Hamantaschen Assortments

Traditional Assortment (NF), $15/doz.
Our most popular flavors, Apricot, Raspberry, Chocolate, and Prune.

Specialty Assortment, $20/doz.
Triple Chocolate, Cookie Dough, Coco Caramel and Strawberry Funfetti.

Allergen Friendly Assortment (NF, GF, V), $20/doz.
Apricot and Raspberry.

Favors & Party Platters

Masquerade Favor Bag (NF) $3/each
3 colorful rolled sugar cookies.

Traditional Favor Bag (NF), $2.75/each
1 Apricot and 1 Raspberry Hamantaschen packaged in a sealed cello bag.

Specialty Favor Bag (NF), $3.75/each
1 Strawberry Funfetti and 1 Cookie Dough Hamantaschen packaged in a sealed cello bag.

Dipped Favor Bag (NF), $3.75/each
1 Dipped Chocolate and 1 Raspberry Hamantaschen packaged in a sealed cello bag.

Allergen Friendly Favor Bag (NF, GF, V), $3.75/each
1 each of Allergen Friendly Apricot and Raspberry Hamantaschen packaged in a sealed cello bag.

Mishloach Manot (NF) $10
2 Traditional & 2 Dipped Hamantaschen, candy, tea, and a fruit wrap.

Traditional Hamantaschen Platter (NF), $65
4 doz. of assorted Apricot, Raspberry, Chocolate and Prune, garnished with 5 Masquerade Sugar cookies.

Specialty Hamantaschen Platter $85
4 doz. of assorted Triple Chocolate, Cookie Dough, Strawberry Funfetti and Coco Caramel, garnished with 5 Masquerade Sugar cookies.

Please note, menu alteration or substitutions not available.