Cafe Sunflower is currently closed for repairs.

Sunflower Bakery will be closed on Sunday, May 26 and Monday, May 27 in observance of the Memorial Day holiday.

Please join us in celebrating our graduates and community champions at Sunflower Bakery’s Annual Celebration & Graduation Event on June 16th! Tickets are available HERE.


Why Sunflower?

Bar Graph illustrating the employment gap between individuals aged 21-64 that are without cognitive disability and those with cognitive disabilities. Two bars on the left represent Maryland, with 81.6% without cognitive disability employed versus 33.7% of those with cognitive disability employed. The two bars on the right represent the populations in the District of Columbia, with 80.8% without cognitive disabilities employed, and 21.4% with cognitive disabilities employed.As young adults with learning differences age out of the school system at 22, they encounter what’s known as “the cliff,” where they transition from consistency and structure to an uncoordinated and underfunded system where training programs and employment opportunities are scarce. This scarcity has created a significant demand for skilled employment training and job opportunities in Metro DC.

Since 2010 Sunflower Bakery has been working to close the employment gap through training adults 18+ with learning differences due to diagnosed disabilities, as well as adults with learning differences that are undiagnosed due to socioeconomic impacts or inadequate and/or inconsistent educational supports.

Our approach works because we are student centered and collaborate with stakeholders across our community

(Disability Statistics from the American Community Survey (ACS)

Learn more about our training programs.

Collaboration Works

Our student-centered model is successful because of strong community support. Our community is interconnected and includes a vast array of stakeholders including student supports and families, local schools, disability professionals, donors, customers, employers, state agencies, the Jewish community, and more. We are stronger together and this collaborative effort works in service to the success of our students.


Ring around a graphic of a sunflower that says Students. Distributed equally on the ring are six smaller circles with text inside. The circles say: Customers, Funders, Disability Partners, Employer Partners, Student Support Networks, and Schools.

Everyone has a role to play at Sunflower! Join us today.