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Get Trained. Get Hired.

Box that says Outreach/Recruitment and points to right.

Sunflower works closely with educators, therapists, disability providers and others to identify young adults interested in training for careers in the food service industry.

A box that says Pastry Arts/Hospitality Training. An arrow from the left indicates the box to the left is relevant to this one. This box has an arrow pointing to the right.

Our industry-driven employment training programs prepare young adults with the hard and soft skills needed to succeed.

Box that says Employment Utilizing Skills. An arrow pointing into the left indicates the box to the left leads to this box.

Our graduates begin a guided/supported employment search process to secure and maintain employment utilizing their newly acquired and practiced skills.

Sunflower employment training combines formal instruction with on-the-job training in our Pastry Arts and Hospitality programs. Both programs are 26 weeks in length and include employee preparation and safe food handling through ServSafe training.

Sunflower is focused on skilled training and connecting our students and graduates with employment opportunities. Sunflower is the only program in Maryland that trains young adults with learning differences for job success in pastry arts, baking and related food industries.

Why Train at Sunflower?

  1. Our small student:instructor ratio helps to ensure the quality of instruction, pace, customization, individualized attention and practice.
  2. Our environment provides for industry-based employment training in a working, professional kitchen and retail shops.
  3. Our curricula train students in the hard skills of pastry arts and hospitality as well as employee readiness and ServSafe food safety
  4. Our programs provide nationally and regionally recognized skills and certificates including ServSafe certification and employment readiness through the National Restaurant Association’s Educational Foundation.
  5. Our qualified instructors are experienced practitioners and instructors who bring passion and patience to their work.

State Agency Partnerships

Sunflower partners with local state agencies in Maryland and the District of Columbia, which allows for referrals as a Community Rehabilitation Partner. This partnership allows for referrals and financial support for Sunflower’s workforce development training programs.

Maryland Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS)

Sunflower Bakery is currently approved as a Community Rehabilitation Partner (CRP) with DORS for employment services for its Pastry Arts and Hospitality programs and pre-employment training for its STEP (Sunflower Teen Exposure Program) as well for Job Coaching services. For prospective students who live in Maryland, please contact your DORS regional office.

District of Columbia Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA)

Sunflower Bakery is currently a DC RSA provider for employment services for its Pastry Arts and Hospitality programs. For prospective students who live in Washington, DC, please contact RSA within the Department of Disability Services.