Sunflower Bakery and Cafe will be closed June 19th for Juneteenth.

Donuts available for in-person sale at our Bakeshop on Tue – Fri starting June 18!


(V) = Vegan (NF) = Nut-free (GF) = Gluten-free
Please note: Sunflower Bakery is not a nut-free or gluten-free facility.

Holiday Pies and Tarts

All pies and tarts serve 8-10 guests.

Pumpkin Pie (NF), $19/ea
Apple Crumb Pie (NF, V), $24/ea
Chocolate Pecan Pie, $26/ea
Double Crusted Apple Pie (NF), $26/ea
Pecan Pie, $24/ea
Sour Cherry Pie (NF, V), $24/ea
New! Chocolate Cinnamon Tart (GF), $28/ea
Cranberry Pecan Tart (GF), $26/ea

Holiday Specials

Holiday Rolled Sugar Cookies (NF), $15/lb
Pumpkin Rolled Sugar Cookie Favor (NF, GF), $3.25/ea
Ginger Cookies (NF), $11/lb
New! Pumcrumb Muffins (NF), $12/4 pack
Caramel Fudge Mini Cupcakes (GF, NF), $15/dz
Pumpkin Patch Mini Cupcakes (NF), $15/dz
Gramma Suga’s Apple Crisp (NF, GF), serves 8-10, $24/ea

Holiday Platters

All platters serve approximately 12-15 guests.

New! Holiday Breakfast Platter, $35, 10 pieces
Pumcrumb Muffins, Apple Almond Feuillette, Maple Pecan Scones
Holiday Cookie Platter (NF), $35, 50 pieces
Chocolate Chip, Crinkle, Ginger, Holiday Sugar Cookies
Holiday Cookie and Bar Platter (NF), $35, 50 pieces
Chocolate Chip, Crinkle, Ginger, Holiday Sugar Cookies, Brownies and Lemon Bars

Holiday Breads 

Braided Challah (NF), $6/ea
Vegan Braided Challah (V, NF), $6/ea
Honey Wheat Pull-Apart Rolls (NF), $7/ea
*Cornbread (NF), $11/ea (Available November 19-22 only)

ˇCelebration Cakes

New! Butterscotch Cake (NF), 6 in, serves 10, $36
New! Vegan Carrot Cake (V), 9 in, serves 12, $39
Devil’s Fudge Cake (NF), 6 in, serves 10, $36; 8 in, serves 16, $52
New! Sunbutter Cookie Cake (GF, NF), 10 inch, serves 12, $24

ˇNo decor alterations or substitutions available on celebration cakes.
Writing available in chocolate on fondant plaques for an additional $3.

Select Regular Menu Items

Chocolate Chip Cookies (NF), $11/lb
Crinkle Cookies (NF), $11/lb
Combo Mandel, $15/lb
Brownies (NF), $10/dz
Mini Autumn Unicorn Cookies (V, NF), $12/dz
Lemon Bars (NF), $9.50/dz
Pumpkin Bread (NF), $14/ea
Maple Pecan Scones, $18/half dz
Apple Almond Feuillete, $15/5 pack