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About our Graduates

Kareem, Pastry Arts

Kareem sought Sunflower due to his love for baking desserts. Before joining, he enjoyed experimenting with various pastries during home baking sessions.
During his training, Kareem diligently handled tasks, upheld cleanliness and professionalism, and focused on improving his communication skills.

Kareem plans to complete additional certifications post-program to advance his career in the culinary world. He is enthusiastic about pursuing a job equipped with the skills and knowledge gained during his training at Sunflower.

Jarod, Pastry Arts

Jarod, passionate about pastry arts, joined Sunflower in April 2023 after a year at Prince George’s Community College’s culinary program.

At Sunflower, Jarod excelled in our kitchen setting mastering a variety of pastries and breads. He also underwent employee development training, which honed not only his culinary skills but also his professional abilities.

Valuing the strong sense of community and collaboration at Sunflower, Jarod is eager to leverage his culinary skills and experiences gained during his time at Sunflower. He is actively seeking positions in local stores and bakeries, ready to embark on a fulfilling career in the culinary field.

Kaleiff, Pastry Arts

Kaleiff chose to join Sunflower Bakery through a recommendation from his therapist.

With no prior culinary experience, he embraced the supportive environment, learning to skillfully use mixers, measure ingredients, and shape various types of dough. Kaleiff not only honed his technical skills but also immersed him in the rhythm and demands of a professional kitchen, ensuring that every task refined his craft and understanding of bakery operations.

Inspired by his training at Sunflower, Kaleiff plans to expand his culinary skills beyond pastry arts.

Jason, Pastry Arts

Jason started training at Sunflower in October 2023 and was drawn to the program by his passion for baking. Despite starting with limited experience, Jason quickly learned and demonstrated skills.

Jason’s commitment spans from recipe preparation to executing kitchen operations, reflecting his discipline, focus, and organization. He treasured the opportunity to master baking techniques under the guidance of our experienced chefs at Sunflower.

Aiming to advance a career at a bakery, Jason dreams of specializing in decorative baking for special events.

Frankie, Pastry Arts

Frankie joined Sunflower Bakery due to the convenient location and employment assistance. Prior to joining, he gained experience with Holy Cross Hospital’s Meals on Wheels program.

At Sunflower, Frankie received training in scooping, rolling, and shaping various types of dough, replenishing supplies, and kitchen operating procedures.

Frankie found the respectful environment and learning methods valuable. Upon completing the program, Frankie aspires to work in a baking department to further develop and understand bakery operations.

Andres, Pastry Arts

Andres first participated in the Teen Exposure Program at Sunflower and then joined our Pastry Arts Program in April 2023.

He took advantage of his training period immersing himself in learning various culinary techniques and bakery operations. Thankful for the growth opportunities offered at Sunflower, Andres aims to work in a bakery department specializing in the making and decorating of cakes.

Anna, Pastry Arts

Anna chose the program for its supportive environment which allowed her to learn at her own pace.

With over a year of experience at a local Greek bakery, Anna applied her skills in our production kitchen, focusing on memorization, precision, and attention to detail. She has a special interest in decorating and was eager to continue learning advanced techniques.

Post-program, Anna will continue to pursue baking as an art. She appreciated the friendly atmosphere that encourages learning while building valuable competencies.

Sameera, Pastry Arts

Sameera embarked on her journey at Sunflower in April 2023, following a recommendation from her Division of Rehabilitation (DORS) counselor.

With a foundation in baking cakes and cupcakes, Sameera refined her skills at Sunflower. She dedicated herself to mastering several techniques in decoration.

Sameera’s ultimate goal is to become a renowned pastry artist, creating culinary masterpieces. She valued the creative and nurturing environment at Sunflower.

Cameron, Pastry Arts

joined Sunflower Bakery for its proximity and alignment with his career goals.

Aiming to become more confident and expressive in his first work experience, he values learning under our skilled chefs. In the Production Kitchen, Cameron gained exposure to ingredient and recipe preparation, focusing on developing an efficient work ethic, kitchen etiquette, and social skills.

Post-program, Cameron intends to explore different avenues using the skills honed at Sunflower Bakery as a foundation.

Almanda, Pastry Arts

Almanda was recommended to Sunflower Bakery through her DORS counselor. In the kitchen, Almanda tackled a variety of responsibilities, enhancing her skills, especially in piping cupcakes and rolling pie crusts.

With prior work experience, she added a unique perspective on tasks and she valued the program’s ability to tailor tasks to individual strengths.

Having successfully completed the program, Almanda aims to explore new avenues in pastry arts. Specifically, she seeks to specialize in cake decorating with aspirations of opening her own bakery.

Ben, Pastry Arts

Ben joined Sunflower Bakery following a recommendation from his case manager. With a diverse work history, Ben brought valuable experience that allowed him to adapt and integrate seamlessly into the program.

At Sunflower, Ben proudly touted his achievement as the fastest at cutting brownie lollipops. He excelled in various production tasks, tackling techniques he initially found challenging, but adeptly mastered with practice and patience.

Ben aims to secure a full-time job, leveraging his comprehensive training and innate drive for success to advance in the culinary world.

Celine, Pastry Arts

Celine joined Sunflower in January 2023, driven by her ambition for professional growth, skill acquisition, and job training.

Celine’s love for baking, nurtured at home alongside her stepmother, enabled her to swiftly adjust to the Pastry Arts Program.

Challah making, cookie platter arranging, and expert piping showcased her creativity and precision.

Celine aims for a future where she can further explore her creativity in baking and decoration, incorporating natural talent with her desire for improved skill acquisition.

Cesar, Pastry Arts

Cesar joined Sunflower in October 2023, inspired by the support it offered for individuals with learning differences to advance in the food industry. His passion was ignited by his mother’s expertise in food service, leading him to pursue a career in the culinary world.

While training, Cesar flawlessly handled tasks from understanding several dough techniques to making his way to learning pastry decorating.

Cesar envisions himself working in a kitchen environment, where he can unleash his passion for preparing, and cooking savory dishes.

Madeline, Pastry Arts

Madeline joined Sunflower Bakery in January 2023 drawn by her affection for baking. What she cherishes most about her training experience at Sunflower is the chance it gave her to concentrate on skill enhancement.

Eager to refine her techniques in shaping dough and proofing, as well as excelling in time management and fostering collaborative teamwork, Madeline relished the opportunity to expand her capabilities in areas she is passionate about.

Douglas, Pastry Arts

Douglas was attracted to Sunflower Bakery because of the supportive atmosphere and his desire to grow in a competitive professional setting.

During his Pastry Arts training, Douglas tackled a variety of tasks gaining a thorough grasp of kitchen operations. These tasks included ingredient preparation, dough production and closing procedures. He also focused on memorizing recipes, perfecting his baking techniques, and recognizing the importance of communication.

Douglas valued the camaraderie and supportive environment at Sunflower, which made him feel at ease and keen to learn.

Chana, Pastry Arts

Chana seamlessly integrated her strong work ethic and adaptability into her training.

Chana’s daily tasks consisted of dough scooping to executing closing procedures. She took pride in mastering one-handed egg cracking and precise recipe execution. She values the bakery’s structured environment, which has significantly enhanced her confidence and skill set.

Chana’s goal was to boost her kitchen efficiency and expand her baking skills repertoire. Post program, she aims to continue refining her talents in pastry arts, embracing learning opportunities and new challenges.

Alex, Pastry Arts

Alex began training at Sunflower Bakery in April 2023. At the bakery, Alex found joy in perfecting recipes and honing his skills.

Under the chef’s supportive guidance, Alex transformed, mastering the art and discipline of pastry making.

Now, as a graduate, Alex aims to explore the culinary field further, fueled by the skills and mentorship from Sunflower Bakery. Appreciating the value of teamwork and learning from mistakes, he sees this not as an end but the start of a lifelong culinary adventure.

Peter, Pastry Arts

In January 2023, Peter joined Sunflower Bakery with a clear goal to complete our Pastry Arts Program. Aiming for a career as a pastry chef, Peter fully immersed himself in his job training.

Peter excelled in preparing various types of batter and dough. He adapted quickly to the demands of our fast paced production kitchen, honing his skills in both efficiency and punctuality.

The structured and supportive environment at Sunflower helped to foster his growth and success throughout the program.

Ian, Pastry Arts

Ian joined Sunflower Bakery through an internship requirement for college. With prior experience at Quantity Bakeshop, he excelled in preparing baked goods and handling dough.

Ian’s journey at Sunflower significantly enhanced his skills and attitude towards large-scale pastry production. He found the dynamic between Phase 1 and 2 engaging, recommending future students to the program.

As a proud graduate, Ian aims to secure employment in a bakery, further leveraging the skills and knowledge gained at Sunflower.

Nico, Pastry Arts

Nico joined Sunflower Bakery in January 2023 seeking to blend his personal hobbies with professional aspirations. Baking with his grandmother sparked a keen interest in the world of Pastry Arts. However, what truly convinced Nico to complete our program was the inclusive and encouraging atmosphere at Sunflower.

He deeply valued the mentorship and affirmation received from our skilled chefs. These experiences have not only fueled his passion, but also solidified his goal to pursue a career in Pastry Arts, transforming his love for baking into a rewarding profession.

Liam, Hospitality

Liam joined Sunflower in January 2023, from a recommendation by his Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS) counselor.

He enhanced his skills during training, managing various tasks like operating the cash register, greeting customers, and organizing products. Valuing the camaraderie, friendly environment, and impactful work, he eagerly developed the job skills needed for employment.

Post-program, Liam aims to apply his Sunflower raining in a grocery store, assisting and interacting with customers.

Basil, Hospitality

Basil joined Sunflower with a goal of enhancing his skills and pursuing employment. With experience in fast food and working in cinemas, Basil excelled in maintaining the bakeshop.

His training not only emphasized professional development, including mastering POS systems and telephone etiquette, but also involved assisting with orders and managing waste, all aimed at prioritizing customer needs.

Upon completing the program, Basil’s training has prepared him well for future employment opportunities.

Emmanuel, Hospitality

Emmanuel started the Hospitality Program at Sunflower Bakery in January 2023. He wanted to deepen his understanding of the Hospitality Industry and dedicated his efforts to improving his customer service skills. He also enjoyed greeting guests at our Bakeshop.

He valued Sunflower’s supportive community and the opportunity to forge strong connections with his peers and staff. Known for his reliability and meticulous approach to cleanliness, Emmanuel looks forward to applying the skills he refined during his Hospitality Training to a future role within the industry.

Leah, Hospitality

Leah joined Sunflower to formulate her employment goals and gain experience in a professional bakery.

At the Bakeshop, Leah focused on patience and teamwork, practicing Point of Sale operations, customer assistance, and stock maintenance, while showcasing a professional work ethic.

Leah looks forward to the future and praises Sunflower Bakery for its commitment to individual growth and success in preparing students for employment. After completing the program, Leah aims to secure part-time work in a museum and finish her degree.

Sam, Hospitality

Sam valued the program for its direct customer interaction and the quality of instruction provided by our dedicated instructors.

He developed his skills at Café Sunflower where his duties ranged from coffee preparation to customer service, emphasizing his growth in welcoming patrons and mastering the point of sale system.

Sam’s diverse experiences received at Café Sunflower position him as a versatile and promising candidate for a variety of hospitality roles.

Sky, Hospitality

Sky began his training at Sunflower Bakery in July 2023, discovering the program through a school counselor as a way to delve into the Hospitality industry.

Sky honed practical skills such as financial management and organization through handling a variety of tasks, including the Bakeshop’s opening, cleaning, and restocking. He appreciates the blend of study and social interaction, valuing the supportive atmosphere fostered by peers and Hospitality Instructors

Aiming to become a server, Sky’s experience with family and volunteering at a coffee shop shapes his calm work approach.

Timeah, Hospitality

Timeah started her training in Hospitality at Sunflower for the opportunity to work closely with people and step outside her comfort zone.

She enhanced customer experiences through effective upselling, proficiently managing the point of sale system, and restocking products. Dedicated to developing her self-advocacy and confidence, Timeah proactively asked questions in areas where she was previously unfamiliar.

She valued the support provided by our Hospitality instructors, which helped her to strengthen a mindset for success as she pursues her career in Hospitality.

Mohammed, Hospitality

Mohammed’s interest in Sunflower began after attending an open house, where he aimed to immerse himself in an environment dedicated to employment readiness.

Excelling in hospitality, Mohammed became proficient in demonstrating excellent customer service and bakeshop operations. He values the collaborative environment, enjoys meeting new people, and finds comfort in routine tasks.

Focused on vital workplace skills like time management, self-confidence, and goal-setting, Mohammed aims to leverage his experience, including as a school waffle chef, in roles that emphasize interaction and positive impact.

Roxy, Hospitality

Roxy joined Sunflower in July 2023, aiming to enhance her personal and professional growth.

At Sunflower, Roxy built her soft skills which helped her gain an understanding of the importance of better communication for job attainment.

Enjoying the connections with others in Sunflower’s supportive environment, Roxy aspires to become a librarian, inspired by her love for graphic novels.

Josiah, Hospitality

Josiah joined Sunflower Bakery in January 2023, driven by his passion for connecting with diverse individuals and assisting others.

He excelled in the bakeshop’s social setting by prioritizing customer service, understanding the importance of putting customers first. Completing ServSafe training and gaining valuable insights from hospitality instructors significantly boosted his confidence.

Looking ahead, Josiah seeks apply his skills in management positions across the retail sector, aiming to make a meaningful difference in the hospitality industry.

Oscar, Hospitality

Oscar began his career by volunteering at an ice cream shop during the Montgomery County fair, which laid the groundwork for his training at Sunflower Bakery.

At the Bakeshop, Oscar excelled in greeting customers, ensuring cleanliness, and informing guests about the wide range of baked goods that Sunflower offers.

Oscar remains dedicated to enhancing his skills in food safety, coffee making, and upselling. He highly values the real-world experience gained from the program and is eager to apply his training in roles where his skills in customer service can truly stand out.

DJ, Hospitality

DJ joined Sunflower in July 2023 to prepare for future employment, inspired by advice from a transition teacher.

He immersed himself in every aspect of the program, confidently assisting throughout the bakeshop. DJ aimed to work at his own pace while seeking help when needed, highlighting the program’s readiness in preparing him for career success.

His friendly disposition and eagerness to engage with others makes him a natural fit for multiple roles.

Miles, Hospitality

Miles joined Sunflower in May 2023, driven by his passion for working with others.

At the Bakeshop, he welcomed visitors, maintained floors, surfaces and windows, and organized products. Despite being new to these tasks, Miles eagerly learned and grew, mastering phone etiquette, money handling, and time management while understanding their importance in the job.

Miles took pride in his responsibilities and aims to pursue a career centered around social interaction. His future aspirations include training individuals in a gym setting.

Lily, Hospitality

Lily brought unique insights to Sunflower from her experience at her aunt’s restaurant, enabling her seamless adjustment to the program.

During her training, Lily focused on improving her financial skills, mastering coffee making, and upselling, with the support of structured guidance from instructors. Regular breaks, performance reports, and positive feedback significantly enhanced her productivity and confidence.

Motivated by her success, she aspires to become a proficient barista and is confident that her background and Sunflower training will propel her towards that goal.

Amelia, Hospitality

Amelia sought Sunflower to gain insight in the field of Hospitality, bringing experience from her mother’s restaurant.

During her training at Café Sunflower, Amelia tackled opening duties, managing inventory, and prepared a variety of fresh coffee beverages for guests. This experience enhanced her customer service skills.

Amelia focused on improving communication, confidence, and stress management, benefiting from the program’s supportive environment and personalized coaching. Looking ahead, she aims for a career in hospitality at a small café setting. She plans to build upon her positive experiences and training at Sunflower.