Purim is March 6th! Sunflower Purim menu will be available beginning Monday, February 6th.

Purim FAQ

When are Hamantaschen available for purchase?
February 6th we will begin baking our Hamantaschen, which can be pre-ordered beginning January 30th.

When is the deadline for ordering for Purim?
The deadline for pre-orders is Monday, February 27 at NOON. We will not accept any orders after the deadline. If you miss the deadline, rest assured that we will have plenty of hamantaschen available at our retail locations.

When is the deadline for ordering shipped Purim assortments?
The deadline for shipping orders is Wednesday, February 22 at midnight. The assortments will be shipped out Wednesday, March 1.

I can’t seem to check out, it won’t let me pick a date or the location I want.
This typically means you have something in your cart that we are not selling the week of Purim. Please be sure that only Purim items are in your cart and it should allow you to select the correct date and location.

I want an assortment, can I pick my own selection?
We have 3 assortments available that are our most popular flavors. If you want your own unique selection, you may come to the Bakeshop or Cafe and select from what they have available. 

How long will you be selling Hamantaschen for after Purim?
We typically sell the Hamantaschen for about a month after the holiday, but it depends on demand. There is no set end date.

I’m getting my order 5 days before we are eating it, how do I store it?
If you are holding your cookies for more than 2 days, we recommend keeping them frozen. Cookies keep best in the freezer, wrapped well. Defrost for 4 hours at room temperature. 

Can I get other items on your regular menu?
Normally yes, but we become a Hamantaschen factory the week of Purim! Therefore, on March 2-3-5-6-7 we will only be selling the items on our Purim menu. No regular menu items will be available. 

 I have food allergies. Do you have a list of ingredients for your Hamantaschen?
Here is a PDF with a comprehensive list of ingredients.