Sunflower Bakery and Cafe Sunflower will be closed April 5th-13th for Passover.
Bakeshop will be closed April 4. Cafe will be closed April 14.

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Dillon Carone, Sunflower Bakery

Dillon’s Story – From Learning Struggles and Depression to Making Dreams Come True

Dillon’s depression started when he was in high school. He remembers getting picked on, feeling left out and having no friends. His ADHD and learning challenges were all too familiar. For a long time, “There were days I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it”, Dillon remembers. But he did. In fact, these… Read More


How Sunflower Bakery Helps People with Learning Disabilities Get Jobs

According to the Montgomery County Commission on People with Disabilities Annual Report 2016, 70% of young adults with disabilities ages 17-34 have cognitive disabilities and 55% of Montgomery County Public School students with disabilities ages 3-21 are students with autism, a specific learning disability or speech/language impairment. As you can imagine, if you’re a young adult with a… Read More