Our Story

Sunflower Bakery started as a casual conversation between Laurie Wexler and Sara Portman Milner. Sparked by a sweet tooth and a passion for ensuring that people of all abilities have access to meaningful employment, Sara and Laurie envisioned the art of pastry and baking as a pathway to opportunities for people with learning differences.

Today, that vision is a reality.

Sunflower has provided more than 42,000 hours of training; served more than 65 young adults and has helped to secure gainful employment for 46 program graduates.

We are so proud to have served a total of 165 students, staff and teens at Sunflower Bakery and Café Sunflower.

Pastry Arts Employment Training Program

Through professional, skilled instruction, on-the-job training, a paid in-house internship, job readiness and ServSafe classes and a guided job search, Sunflower prepares its students with the skills needed to find their next job in baking and food-related businesses.

We want our students to get jobs. Through our production internship we help students develop solid work skills while acquiring competence and confidence.

These highly transferable skills include closely following verbal and visual directions, precision and accuracy, efficiency, and problem-solving.

Training Program